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Do you find an odour coming from your air conditioner? Are you finding the system is varying in operating temperature or is making an annoying rattle when you’re trying to sleep? Let us show you how an expert refrigeration technician carries out a complete maintenance on a split system air conditioner. We offer the most comprehensive service available for your split system air conditioner. With our “CLEAN GUARENTEE” you can rest assure you’re getting the best possible service.


With the latest in industry cleaning equipment were so confident you will be impressed with our service. We have the latest model split system air conditioner wash bag. The wash bag fits to the indoor unit of all brands split system air conditioner. This wash bag allows us to use a battery operated high pressure air conditioner washer. This enables us to clean the entire indoor unit that is not normally accessible without complete removal/dismantle of the indoor unit. The pressure wash combined with ecofriendly wash solution helps to remove mould and other air borne pollutants that may be lodged inside hidden parts of the indoor head unit. Once the unit is pressure washed the dust and dirt particles are flushed out into a collecting bucket for disposal.

Whats included in our service?

Clean of the indoor unit filters
Apply fin saver to the outdoor unit
Apply silicone spray to the control boards
Flush the condense drain
Check the refrigerant pressure
Check the operating temperature
Check the electrical connections
Check system operation
Provide finds on any issues


If your split system air conditioner is clogged and blocked with dust and grime it actually puts a strain on the unit to cool or heat. If you imagine the system is like your car radiator, if this is blocked the radiator will struggle to allow air flow to ensure the engine is kept at the optimal temperature and in turn can cause the car to overheat. This extra pressure on a spilt system air conditioner can cause the system to use more electricity to cool or heat the space. This pressure puts force back into the system and can make the system deteriorate at a faster pace than a clean split system air conditioner. Another really key benefit is clean, fresh air. Once the system is cleaned for mould, fungi, dust and even our skin cells you will notice the air is fresher. This also helps reduce asthma, eye irritations and can even help with a better night sleep.

We have a lot of client say “don’t you just clean the filter” while this is part of a complete maintenance if really only a scratch on the surface of a proper clean, done by a tradesman with pride in his/her work.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a home owner and have one small split system air conditioner or you’re after an entire school air conditioner package. We have the right service to suit your requirements. So if you are looking for the best possible clean at competitive industry pricing with a clean guarantee. Please don’t hesitate to give our friendly team a call.

Give us a call we offer fixed prices for our air conditioning cleaning services.