Does your quote include the electrical connection?

Yes, we are fully qualified to carry out the required electrical installation and we always include this in our quotations

How long does it take to install a split system air conditioner?

Each installation time varies, it depends on the level of difficulty. Generally speaking it takes approximately 4-5 hours for a standard installation which is back to back. (back to back, refers to the indoor unit being on the opposite side of the wall to the outdoor unit)

What brand of air conditioner do you sell?

We hold a direct account with most major brands including Daikin. We can supply the following brands. Daikin, Mitsubishi Electrics, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Fujitsu, Panasonic, LG, Samsung, Carrier, Toshiba and Hitachi

Do you install ducted air conditioners?

Yes, we can design, supply and install ducted air conditioning.

How often should my system be cleaned / maintained?

We recommend for domestic installations the system be cleaned on an annual basis.

Commercial systems really depend on their use, type and situation. The service intervals can range from monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annual. We can provide a package to suit your system.

What license do you hold?

We hold an Electrical contractors license, QBCC license and Arc Tic license.

Electrical license: 66126

Arc Tic: 37750

Who will do the work if I accept my quote?

We only use technicians that are employed direct to Static Electrics as full time staff with the relevant qualification for the job.

We do not subcontract any works.

Why is it important to ensure the system is sized correctly?

The system must be designed to suit the area. If the unit is too small it will work hard to cool the area. This will use more electricity and put a strain on the system.

If the system is too big it will short cycle turning on and off continually and not cooling or heating correctly.

How do I know what size air conditioner I need?

A very broad guide, as every home has a different heat load we recommend you measure the square floor area and multiple it by 160 watts. Example: 3 meter x 5 meter bedroom = 15 square meters x 160= 2400 watts or 2.4 kW We check these calculations and heat load during our free job valuation.

My system is old, should I bother repairing it?

It really depends on the fault within the air conditioning system, brand and size.

If the system is a small 2.5 kW running on R22 gas, we would suggest a new system would be better suited.

If the system is 7 kW or 8 kW it may be worth repairing as a new systems of this size is quite expensive to buy.

How can I tell if my air conditioner is running on R22 gas?

You can check on the outdoor unit label, it will say on the name plate. This is usually on the side of the unit.

My remote has stopped working, can it be replaced?

We can supply a universal remote the will suit almost every brand available. We can program it to work with your air conditioner.

Do I need a new electrical circuit ?

Not all split system air conditioners require a separate electrical circuit.

Anything over 5 kw will is definitely advisable to have its own dedicated circuit from the switchboard.

Does my switchboard need upgrading?

In some cases if you have an old fuse box with small mains cables you may need an upgrade to install the new system.

If your not sure feel free to send us a photo and we can give you advice on you current switchboard condition.

Can you upgrade my meter box / fuse board?

Yes we can do this work. We can include this work in our free job valuation.

Do you remove old air conditioning systems?

Yes, we can remove and dispose of your old unit.

How do you get the heavy unit onto the roof?

We have a mechanical lifter that can lift the outdoor unit up onto the roof.

How long is the air conditioner under warranty ?

Most brands have a 5 year manufactures warranty.

We fill out the warranty card and leave it onsite with you when we do the installation. We also keep a record of it in case it gets lost.

What brand do you recommend?

We like Daikin air conditioners, we are a Daikin account holder and have a good working relationship with the company. They generally always have their units in stock so we can provide a fast turnaround from the initial job valuation to installation.

Do you offer the best prices ?

We have a really good relationship with our suppliers so we get account holder trade prices which means our customers save. We feel we are the best value for money. If your looking for a quality system, top quality installation and after sales support give us a call.

Do you quotes over the phone?

Unfortunately as every installation is different we don’t offer over the phone prices. If you would prefer we don’t come to site you can email a few photos to our office so we can give you an estimate. We really prefer to do a no obligation job valuation so the price is accurate.

What areas do you service?

We have multiple estimators and technicians located on the Sunshine Coast and in Brisbane.

We have 2 offices locations one in Buderim on the Sunshine Coast and Chermside in Brisbane.

We cover a large area and travel from as far north as Noosa to Logan in Brisbane.

How fast can I get my quote?

Once we make a booking which is set for a time that suits yourself, we will attend site to gather all the required information. We generally have the quote back on the same day for new installations. In some cases for repairs we may need to get parts prices and availability from our supplier, however this usually doesn’t take long.

I have had other quotes will you beat them?

Feel free to send us your existing quotation, we will review and do our best to better the prices. Like any quote we need to make sure we are comparing apple with apples, as described above we guarantee our installation. We go above and beyond to ensure we provide the best installation possible.

How long have you been in the industry?

We have been in the electrical industry since 1986. The business is a local family owned company.

Can I control my air conditioner from my smart device/phone ?

Yes, some brands now have the facility to be controlled off your smart phone. Ask us which brands offer this

I'm not sure if I need split or ducted air conditioning?

We can help, we offer both types of air conditioning. We can give you the best options to suit you budget, cooling or heating requirements and personal situation when we visit you home.

I have more questions, who can I talk to?

Give us a call. We have a full time office open from 7:30am – 5:00pm Monday to Friday.

Or fill in our online inquiry and a technician will call you back promptly.