Air conditioner installation



Are you feeling the heat? Or maybe the cold during winter? We can provide you and air conditioning installation that will keep you comfortable all year round. We have a very meticulous internal process to ensure every air conditioner we install is done to the highest possible standard. We have simplified the process in the below steps.


Step 1:

Book a “Free” no obligation job valuation.

Step 2:

Schedule a day and time that suits you.

Step 3:

Enjoy your new conditioner.



We take pride in ensuring we go above and beyond for our clients to make sure their air conditioner will last. We have a couple of key steps in our installation process, one of which is a nitrogen pressure test. This ensures the gas pipe flares on the new system will not leak. The new copper gas pipes for the system are pressured with nitrogen; we then use our air conditioning gauges to determine if there is any leak in the pipes. Then we use a vac pump to vacuum the pipes which removes any contaminates and moisture from being able to enter the air conditioner unit. These two steps are done prior to the refrigerant gas being released into the system and although these steps seem small they are a big part of ensuring the system will last. Here is some additional information about our service once we install an air conditioner for you.

We keep all your warranty details on file

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We take photos of the nitrogen pressure test

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We record the serial number for the system

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We keep a photo of the indoor and outdoor unit

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We send a maintenance offer 1 year after the installation

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We take photos of the vacuum gauge on installation

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