Are you unsure who to trust with your split system air conditioners repairs?

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Are you wondering how much a replacement system will cost?


Are you wondering if your air conditioner is worth repairing?


Let us help you with honest upfront advice. In some circumstances it isn’t worth repairing old air conditioners. Some air conditioners use R22 gas which is being phased out to make way for new greener, cleaner solution. This makes repairs to some smaller systems not worth while.

Why we are the best for split system air conditioner repairs.

We have competent refrigeration technicians.

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We have the latest in testing tools and equipment.

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We get the best possible prices on parts.

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We can repair all leading brands.

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We have an office team ready for your call.

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Call us today for advice and information on how we can help repair your air conditioner.

More often than not your split system air conditioner breakdown happens during summer or when you have guests about to arrive, just when you need it the most.

Over the years we’ve seen it all, from a gecko shorting out a control board to a lighting surge. If you want accurate, clear and reliable advice we are your solution.